Middle School VS High School: Tips For New School

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    You’ve wrapped up your finals, cleaned out your locker, and attended your last middle school dance. It’s the end of eighth grade. You’re headed into the notorious next chapter of your education. However, whether public, private or magnet—the transition into high school isn’t as scary as it seems.  

    Getting Around

    • Chances are, your high school will be larger than your middle school. Finding your classes might seem like a challenge, but in the beginning of the year, teachers can help direct you to wherever you need to be.  
    • It is helpful to find out if your school system offers a freshman orientation. Commonly, this is a day during the summer when you receive the opportunity to get familiar with your schedules, teachers, and classrooms.  
    • The first figure of a room number usually corresponds to its floor. For example, if your English class is in room 208, it is likely that it’s on the second floor.  

    Making Friends

    • If you’re worried about meeting people, you’re not alone. Put everything in perspective. Everyone entering high school is going through the same worry, no matter how confident they seem.  
    • Especially in mixed classes, inter-grade friendships are not uncommon. 
    • Clubs, sports and other extracurriculars are also a reliable way to put yourself out there.  
    • High school is a place where everyone can discover supportive friends, given time.  

    How Much Harder Will High School Be?

    • Schoolwork is no joke in high school. It’s important that you start off your high school career with good work habits.  
    • You may be used to skating by in class, but a significantly increased workload means that completing homework and studying for tests is necessary to succeed in this more competitive environment 
    • However, it’s also useful to identify your challenging classes and focus the most energy on those. There will always be low-effort classes in your schedule that can be placed on the back burner.  
    • Many students find academic planners useful to stay on top of their schoolwork.  
    • While extracurriculars are important, schoolwork should take priority. 
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