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Popular Articles

Best Note Taking Methods

• What Notes Should Look Like
• Note-Taking Tips

College Expectations: What Students Wish They Knew

• The Typical Structure
• Expectations

College Internships 101: Student Guide

• Applying for Internships/Co-ops
• Balancing Internship Season with School

Getting Work Done In College: Time Management

• How to Study in College and What Resources You Should Use
• Daily Schedule and Planning

Studying Abroad: Is Now The Time To Travel The World

• Is Studying Abroad Right for You?
• How to set up a Semester Abroad

Must Join Clubs and Honors Societies In College

• What are Honor Societies?
• Tips for Joining Organizations on Campus

Preparing for Graduate School From Day One

• How to find Requirements and Recommendations
• Possible Requirements and Recommendations

Placement Year: Is It Worth Taking The Time Off

• When to Consider A Placement Year
• What to Do During A Placement Year

Greek Life: Social VS Academic VS Cultural

• What Exactly is Greek Life?
• Common Terminology and Rushing
• Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Greek Life

Endorsed By A Professor: College Recommendation Letters

• How to Choose Who to Ask for References
• Asking for References

Getting Around Campus Efficiently: Transportation

• Services Offered
• Ways to Track Transportation and Catch Your Ride

Ace Your Exams: Test Study Habits By Students

• Budgeting Time
• Strategies and Tips
• Group Study
• Videos

Making The Most Of Your Tuition: Campus Resources

• Facilities
• Services

Your First Week: College Survival Guide

• How To Prepare
• What to Expect

Scholarship VS Grant VS Loans: Tips To Managing College Finances

• Applying for Scholarships
• Loans, Grants, and Work Study
• Making Payments

College VS High School: A Guide to Social Life

• Places to Meet People
• Tips

Realities of College Life Balance According To Real Students

• Tips
• Priorities

How To Create An Optimal College Schedule

• How To Register
• What Classes You Should Take
• What Your Schedule Should Look Like
• Waitlist and Hold File
• How to Register During the Following Semesters

What Is College Like: Basics of Campus Life

• College Calendar Organization
• Housing Options
• Meal Plans
• Other Amenities

Don’t Buy Your Books Yet: A Guide To Textbooks

• First Week
• Buy Your Textbooks and Supplies

Dual Enrollment in Community College Classes: The New AP?

• How to Enroll
• Benefits of Dual Enrollment
• Online Learning
• Dual Enrollment vs. AP Classes

Important Laws College Students Should Know

• Plagiarism
• Underage Drinking/Fake IDs
• Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
• Title IX and Sex Discrimination
• Title VI and Racial Discrimination

Service Hours: How To Get The Most Experience As A Student

• How Many Do I Need?
• Quality, not Quantity
• Finding Opportunities

Should I Work Part-Time Work: Student Pros And Cons

• Should I Get a Job?
• How to Get Hired
• Employment Forms

College Parking Rules: A Guide To Hidden Fees

• Can I Have A Car On Campus?
• Parking Regulations
• Permit Registration and Paying Citations

Pre-Professional Clubs: Do They Prepare You For Undergrad?

• Honors Societies
• Career-Based Organizations
• Volunteer Organizations

Scoring An Internship: High School Edition

• What is an Internship?
• How to Get an Internship
• Making the Most of Your Internship
• Is an Internship Right For You?

Living On Campus VS Off Campus: Student Perspective

• Which Is The Best Option For You?
• What You’ll Need
• The Essentials
• On-Campus / Off-Campus Specific Items
• Unseen Expenses for Off-Campus Housing

JROTC Programs: Does This Mean I Will Get Deported?

• What is JROTC?
• What Will You Do as a JROTC Member?
• Is JROTC Right for Me?

Extracurriculars in High School: What Students Say Are The Best

• What Does it Mean to be Well-Rounded?
• What Types of Extracurriculars Can You Join?
• Tips on Starting Your Own Club(s)

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